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A Glimpse Into Our RV Renovation

Last year Evan & I bought an RV & WOW did we learn a lot during the renovation process!

While it was a LOT of work (I remember feeling like the painting would never end), we are SO happy with how everything turned out in our little cross-country mobile home.

Tips For Renovating an RV: Read This ⬇️

✩ Wear gloves when you are painting

✩ Get a cute painting outfit so you don’t live in pjs

✩ Most projects take longer than you think

✩ Be ready to live at Home Depot

✩ Document the process! Even if you don’t plan to share it

✩ Keep going! Even on the days you don’t accomplish as much as you hoped

Check out the reel below that shows a little behind the scenes of renovating our RV:


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