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AirPods Max Review

Below is my honest review after having & using the AirPods Max for quite some time now. I tried/researched SO many headphones before deciding to splurge on AirPods Max!


  • Noise cancellation is amazing

    • I wear them for hours when I’m editing and recording my podcast ( and they don’t hurt my ears like other headphones

  • I love how sleek they look on and how they don’t stick out far from my head, especially when recording my podcast

  • You can buy extra ear pads and change them easily to keep one set clean and use one set for working out

  • I love how you can switch between devices easily (even though sometimes they switch when I don’t want them to 🤪 )

  • Pricey, but totally worth the investment in my opinion


  • It came with a really short aux so if you ever do want to connect to a phone/computer I would order a new one

  • The case it comes with is great but wasn’t the best for traveling especially because the headphones don’t fold.

    • I ordered a new case to put them in off Amazon and it’s perfect. (linked on my Amazon storefront)

TL;DR - I honestly love my AirPods Max so much and I am so happy with this investment!

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