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Jeans For Tall Girls | Abercrombie Edition

If you're a tall girl like me, you know that finding jeans that fit both in length & your waist size can sometimes feel impossible. For reference, I am 5”10. That's why I love Abercrombie!

Abercrombie is one of my go-to places for jeans because of their dynamic size offerings with lengths ranging from extra short to long & extra long and everything in between.

These are a few of my favorite jean styles from Abercrombie right now:

First jeans:

I love the color and fit! These actually sit above my ankle but I love the style and love to wear Converse with these.

Second jeans:

Great fit and love the slit up the side of the jean!

Third jeans:

These are also the jeans in the first picture. They are my go-to jeans right now. I love the fit and the color.

All of my favorite, tall-girl-approved jeans from Abercrombie are linked on my LTK here.


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