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Bailey BTS: getting vulnerable about becoming a full-time content creator

When I started posting on social media, I never expected to share SO much of my life 💐

In the beginning, I was nervous to appear in pictures and rarely shared anything beyond Hudson. Slowly, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone which led me to share more and more of my life, even without Huddy in every post.

Sharing my personal life was a significant change, and it was a big decision to open that door. But with the unconventional lifestyle Ev and I live - traveling full-time, renovating an RV, and spending summers in Europe while he campaigns for the 2024 Olympics - I realized it was time to add more layers to my page.

I still enjoy sharing my life as a dog mom, but adding more layers to my content has been incredibly fulfilling. I am grateful for your support as I continue to open up and share more of my journey with you.

By sharing my personal journey, I aspire to inspire you to embrace challenges that push you to grow. Let's push ourselves to try new things, overcome obstacles, and become the best versions of ourselves.


Do you want to challenge yourself to grow? #heybaileydrewletsgrow is my challenge to you. Join me in embracing new adventures and pushing ourselves to grow. No matter how big or small the moment is, use the hashtag to share your growth!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram & subscribe to my community for more self-growth content!


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