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Skincare Routine with True Botanicals

Check out the video below for my skincare routine using all True Botanicals products!

At the beginning of last year, I was breaking out so badly and couldn't get it cleared up for months. That's when I decided to stick to a routine using True Botanicals products & my face cleared up right away!

I am extremely picky about the products I use, but I'm happy to say that True Botanicals is a clean, vegan, & cruelty-free beauty brand without any toxins.

About True Botanicals:

"We believe that your skin is intrinsically connected to your mind, body and the environment, and that’s why we practice a bioholistic approach to skin health.

We formulate with the purest, functional plant actives that fill your skin’s nutrient gaps, support your skin’s microbiome, and deliver clinically proven results because they are biocompatible with the epidermis. And what differentiates True Botanicals from all the rest is that we deliver these exceptionally high performing products with the most sensorial, aromatherapeutic experience - so your skincare routine can be an indulgent ritual for your most glowy, resilient, youthful-looking skin."

A few products I love (everything linked on my LTK here & here)

  • Pure Radiance Oil

  • Ginger Turmeric Cleanser ( to remove makeup)

  • Chebula Active

  • Nourishing Cleanser

  • Phyto-Retional Vitamin A Booster

  • Pure Radiance Body Butter

  • Nutrient Mist

  • Chebula Extreme Cream

The next products on my list to try are their shampoo & conditioner!


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