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Current Favs: Pipolli

I have been using Pipolli for a while now and I am truly so in love with them! The Harnesses fit Hudson amazing and he is always comfortable. I love how simple and cute they are. I have tried a lot of different harnesses but at this moment this is my favorite. The bow tie on the collar and harness are such a cute touch. A lot of my posts lately show Hudson in these because he literally lives in them. The leather holds up so well. I have been loving the look of a little shirt under his harness it adds a simple layer yet is so cute!

Pipolli is a little bit of a splurge but I 100% recommend investing in one for your pup. You can use my discount code: HUDSON to save a little!


Pipolli || Collar & Striped Shirt

I love this shirt and bow tie collar! It fits Hudson so nicely and adds a little style to his outfit. The shirt is perfect for summer because it's not too thick!


Pipolli || Harness & Striped Shirt

I love how the harness fits Hudson and doesn't pull him or rub in weird areas. I am super specific about how harnesses are on Hudson and love these! The leash is comfortable to walk him with and there is very little wear and tear over time! It Is such an easy harness to put on, he just steps into it. The bow is removable but I never take it off because I love how it looks!

Hudson is 20 pounds - He fits in a medium and large. His medium is perfect for no shirt under it. The large fits great with or without a shirt.

Have an amazing day! I can't wait to see your pups in Pipolli.


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