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Current Favs: Saint Rue

I love finding different ways to twin with Hudson and Saint Rue has cute simple twinning accessories for Hudson and me. We can match in so many different ways! Shoelaces, poop bag/purse, necklace, belt, & Hudson's collar and leash! All of these accessories add the perfect touch!

I love to share products with you that we use daily. These are amazing and look so cute with every outfit! This is a simple way to twin with your pup.


Saint Rue - Discount Code: THELILACFRENCHIE

I love that my purse can be stylish but that it holds my poop bags for Hudson and are easy to access. I don't have to carry around the bags and can even keep a few things in my purse. It matches Hudson's collar and leash along with my shoelaces.

Everything from my belt to my shoelaces matches Hudson and I am obsessed with it. The necklace is so cute on and there is even one for Hudson. The quality of the products is well done and the owner of the brand is amazing. Shop Small!

Shop Saint Rue and use my discount code at check out. Discount code || THELILACFRENCHIE


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