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I Re-branded | Introducing @heybaileydrew

Hey! You might have noticed something a little different when you look at my account….

I officially changed all of my handles to @heybaileydrew , & I felt this would be a good time to do a re-introduction. Don’t worry, Hudson will still be a huge part of my content and I will continue to share all about our life together & being a dog mom.

So why the name change? I feel like I have grown so much since starting my social accounts. Lately, I've been sharing more about our RV life, traveling to Europe, dating an athlete, starting a podcast, & so much more! Ultimately, I knew it was time to change my handle to align more with my growth!

It may sound a little silly, but I was pretty nervous about this name change. Even though I knew it was 100% a step in the right direction, all of your support means the world to me!

Check out my new youtube video below talking about my handle change, life, and so much more:

Make sure to check out my recent reel & follow along on Instagram!


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