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Must Have Dog Accessories

I am obsessed with different accessories for Hudson, I just can't get enough! It took me a while to buy any product because I am so picky and couldn't decide what I loved. However, I am now in love with many different brands! Over the past couple of months, we have received so many sweet gifts and won giveaways that have given us the opportunity to try many new brands. Some are still coming in the mail and I can't wait to show them all off. Hudson just got picked to model for Holly & Co and I am so excited! We are receiving a free box of goodies I can't wait to show them off to everyone! We also got a discount code to share with everyone! It's 15% off just use the code HUDSON15 at check out! This post is about the perfect accessories for you and your dog. From collars for Hudson to the perfect keychain for me, Hudson and I always have new accessories.

I am obsessed with this collar we received from pear tannery! It fits Hudson perfect and goes perfectly with our new bandana from Bali Paws! This bandana fits Hudson perfect and he looks amazing in it! I love that 30% of Bali Paws proceeds go to helping Bali dogs! 

Shop the collar and Bandana: Star leather dog collar Link l Captain Jack Bandana Link


I am also obsessed with this dog charm for my keys! It comes in different styles along with different dogs so its perfect for all dog lovers! I always have to have some Frenchie accessory on me.

Shop the keychain: Louis Vuitton dog charm Link

Frenchie Bulldog is seriously so amazing! We have the whole bee set and it's our first set from them and we are in love! The quality is amazing and fits him perfect. Before buying from Frenchie Bulldog we went through many harnesses which started to become frustrating. They were expensive and just didn't fit him right. They would slide to one side, pull on him weird, and he was not comfortable. Finally, we got both of these harnesses (one pictured above) and they fit him amazing. The cooling bandana has also been amazing for summer by keeping him cool and has helped protect his scar when out and about. We won a giveaway from kingcody.frenchie  and got the amazing shark bandana to add to our collection!

Shop the Harness: Bee harness Link l shark bandana Link

When you turn into that crazy dog mom at 20 you find your self with many accessories. This was one of Hudson's first shirts we received as a gift and he still loves it. The quality is amazing and the little french bulldogs are just adorable.

Shop the hoodie: French bulldog hoodie Link l

Ever since Hudson was a puppy he loves having a blanket. Unfortunately, during our move, his favorite blanket was lost which meant it was time for a new one. I found this baby blanket and I fell in love with it. It's amazing quality and Hudson is obsessed with it. He tucks it under him all the time and if he sees it he will run and grab it.

Shop the blanket: French bulldog blanket Link l

Wags out West! This brand is so amazing and the owner is so sweet. I have become friends with the owner since receiving these from her and she is just adorable. She is so helpful and personable. The product is amazing and I am obsessed. We received these as a gift and just can't get enough of them. We got four different ones!

Shop the bandanas: Bandanas Link l

I am excited to continue sharing Hudson's stories, our must-have items, adventure, travel tips, and much more. Hudson is continuing to get better and better. His walking is improving a lot each and every day. I am so thankful for the community I have around us and all the support.

When I first started Hudson's Instagram I never realized how much it would help through such a hard time. I have received so many messages and support I am so thankful. Then I started Hudson's blog to document Hudson's improvement along with our life and adventures and I have found it helps me a lot by allowing me to document our journey. I hope that each one of these touches you in a different way because it means a lot to me! I thought this week I would change it up a little! I hope you all enjoy reading our blogs!  



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