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Booking Your Dog's Ticket: Tips For Flying With Your Dog

You may be familiar with booking yourself a plane ticket, but have you ever booked one for your dog? In this post, I walk through step-by-step on how to do so, as well as share our experience traveling in the United States with my French Bulldog! My downloadable checklist is also available below.

Tips ⬇️:

✈️ Call, text, or Book Online: Look to see if you can book your pet's ticket online or if you have to call. For example:

  • United: You can book online when you are booking your ticket here or you can go to My Trips to add a pet to an existing trip

  • Delta: You can call or text delta at +1 (800) 221-1212 to add your pet to your ticket. I have had an amazing experience texting Delta and its always fast. I love that I have a receipt in my texts also for check-in.

  • Reminder: You can not pre-check in and you will pay the pet fee when you arrive at the airport to check-in.

✈️ Information: You have to give them information about your pet such as the name of your pet, their birthday, and breed. Depending on the airline they will ask for different information.

✈️ Pay Fee: There is usually a fee between $95-$125 each way for your pet's ticket.

✈️ Maximum Number Of In-Cabin Pets: Some flights have a maximum number of in-cabin pets allowed on each flight. Make sure to book your pet ahead of time.

Download Mobile Checklist
Download • 296KB

Our Experience ⬇️

✈️I flew United with Hudson to Nashville and I was able to book his ticket online and add it to my ticket. It was super easy. I paid $125 for our flight to Nashville. I filled out his information ( name, weight, birthday, & breed ). After I got a confirmation number for him.

✈️ When I fly with delta. I have called and texted to add him to my ticket. Texting is always a lot quicker and easier!

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