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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog: Bailey & Hudson Take Nashville

Travel with us to Nashville✈️🤠 If you're new here, my family has a property in Nashville that we try to get down to as often as we can! Plus, Cowboy Huddy is my favorite (how can you not smile with his little cowboy hat on?!)

This past trip, we flew via Delta Airlines and had a great experience! The flight attendants were so sweet & they absolutely loved Hudson.

I tried a new pet carrier on this trip and I love that it expands. Before our flight, I took out the bed on the bottom to make sure that Hudson didn't get too hot on the flight.

To get this airline-approved pet carrier from Mr. Peanut's, use discount code: HUDSON

Let’s be honest, traveling with your dog can bring up a lot of different feelings! Be sure to subscribe to my community & follow along on Instagram for more tips for traveling with your dog (blogs go live every Tuesday!)



Does this carrier work well for cats too?? :)

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