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Dog-Friendly Airlines: Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Thus far, Evan & I have traveled on two different airlines when flying with Hudson: Delta & United. Overall, I've had great experiences. I usually choose to fly Delta and have had such a great experience I haven't tried many other airlines. My experience with United was good but not as great as Delta. Below is more info on each airline.

Pet-Friendly Airlines:

✈️ Delta

  • With Delta, I have booked Hudson's ticket on the phone and by text with a Delta representative, which is now $95 for a one-way ticket. They lowered their prices last year from $125 to $95. At check-in, they checked that Hudson fit comfortably in his carrier. The flight attendants have always been welcoming and loved Hudson.

✈️ United

  • With United, I booked Hudson's ticket online through their website. Booking his ticket was simple and quick. It was $125 for a one-way ticket. At check-in, they asked to look at Hudson inside of his carrier, & also for his rabies vaccine date. Our experience was easy and the flight attendants were very sweet to Hudson.

Make sure to always check online for the airlines requirements because they do change them often and I am sharing my experience.

Our Takeaways:

I know every flight experience can be different but I want to share ours with both United & Delta. If our experience changes with them or I have any updates, I will make sure to inform you. There are other pet-friendly airlines, but I wanted to share the ones we have experience traveling with.

Watch the full reel below or on my Instagram here:


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