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First Weeks of Walking

This week we started all of Hudson's physical therapy. Hudson has made many improvements just this week. I look back on these past few months of Hudson's struggles and I can't help but think of how lucky I am to have him and to be able to help him. This week really showed that Hudson is making a come back and is truly becoming a puppy again. He is happy and playful. He sleeps half the amount of time he use to and wants to play all day and all night. I forgot for a moment what it was like having a playful puppy and I forgot how much I missed it. Hudson is doing a few different things for physical therapy. He is doing acupuncture, laser therapy, and water therapy.

The laser therapy helps promote wound healing and regenerates nerve tissue after surgery. This is done before his acupuncture and it doesn't seem to phase him too much!

We went in on Thursday and went straight to the treadmill for his water therapy. The treadmill is inside a big tank that fills with water. The treadmill was new for Hudson and I wasn't sure how he would like it or even if he would freak out. We have a baby pool at home that he loves sitting in and relaxing but I wasn't sure about walking on a treadmill. To start his physical therapy off someone went in with him and helped him move his legs since he is still working on walking. The goal in the next couple weeks is that he will be able to do it on his own without a person inside helping him. During the treadmill he would walk very fast using both of his front and back legs any time I called his name but if I would stop he would sit down and ride the treadmill backward. Obviously, he was having to much fun. He did really good for his first time. He showed us that when he wants to do something he loves it but if he doesn't he just sits back and relaxes. Stubborn little puppy.

He has made a lot of progress this last week he is starting to walk on his own even though he is wobbly!! He is able to push himself up and has tons of energy. I also have been taking him swimming every day and it helps so much. I make sure to be very careful when taking him swimming that he doesn't freak out or turn wrong. He is very calm in the water though and has a life vest on for me to help him.

The progress Hudson has made this week is so amazing. He is such a little fighter and is such a happy puppy! His walking skills are getting better and better every day! I am so excited to share our journey with you and for you to follow along! We love you all!



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