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How Acupuncture Has Changed My Life (& My Dog’s)

Acupuncture has changed my dog’s life and mine! My new youtube video all about pet acupuncture is linked below.

I started acupuncture about 3 years ago and it has helped me in so many amazing ways. Being on top of my health is a huge priority for me and I am so happy I found acupuncture. If you ever have any questions feel free to send me a DM!

How I noticed it helped my dog ⬇️

✨ Improves his walking

✨ Improves his energy

✨ Relieves pain

✨ & more

How it helped me ⬇️

✨ Decrease in headaches

✨ Decrease in menstrual pains

✨ Hormones/emotions balanced

✨ TMJ relieved

✨ & more

I sat down with Dr. Allie to ask her your questions about acupuncture and laser therapy for animals. My French Bulldog Hudson had spinal surgery as a puppy and I share his experience with acupuncture & laser. Since I always receive different questions about this topic, I decided to sit down with a vet to ask her the most common questions I receive!

Dr. Allie is a mobile house-call veterinarian who travels to your home to care for your animals. She practices general medicine with a focus on wellness and is also certified in veterinary acupuncture. We answered so many different questions such as the benefits and dangers associated with acupuncture & laser therapy, what acupuncture helps with, whether is it preventative or not, if it interferes with other medications, Chinese VS Western Medicine, and more.

If you have any other questions or would like us to do a video on a specific topic, you can reach out to us via the below info:

These are just a few things that acupuncture can help with 🫶🏻 I am just sharing our experience!


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