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Hudson's Spinal Surgery: Our Story

When Hudson became paralyzed in his back legs shortly after I brought him home, I did everything I could to give him a chance to walk again. Hudson fought like a Frenchie to be where he is today, and I am so proud of him.

Below I have shared the details of where we went for surgery and all the amazing places that helped Hudson fight through Kyphosis. Every Kyphosis situation is unique, but I am sharing our experience to hopefully support others going through similar situations.

More details about Hudson's Diagnosis & Treatments:

  • Age Hudson Became Paralyzed

    • Paralyzed @ 4 months old

    • Surgery @ 7 months old

  • Veterinary Neurologist

    • David Lipsitz @ Veterinary Speciality Hospital (San Diego, CA)

  • Time at Vet Post Surgery

    • One week

  • Downtime Post Surgery

    • Three weeks of no movement at home

    • I would help him move his legs and stretch him every day

  • First Movement

    • Week three

  • Post-Surgery Treatments:

    • Red light therapy, acupuncture, water treadmill, swimming, and physical therapy. We started all of this once we got the okay from his vet.

  • Rehabilitation

    • Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines (Santa Barbara, CA)

  • Acupuncture

    • Pasternak Veterinary Center (Los Angeles, CA)

It took about 6 - 8 months before Hudson was at a good spot post-surgery. Today, Hudson is not in pain, but we continue to do acupuncture and exercise him daily!

This video is a little glimpse inside of our journey & his fight through Kyphosis. From surgery to therapy, Hudson never gave up and I am so proud of him! Our bond is so special because of what we went through and I am so lucky to have him.

Thank you @wufers for helping share our story💕


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