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Greenhouse Restaurant in Amsterdam

When Evan & I were in Amsterdam, we ate lunch at this gorgeous greenhouse restaurant & I knew I had to share more! Below is all about our experience with a full recap video at the end!

🌱Harvested in the morning, served in the afternoon

🌱Their menu reflects the changing seasons

🌱Set menu

🌱 Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time

Our experience was amazing and it was definitely worth it for us to visit! The food was fresh and the restaurant was beautiful. I loved that it was located in a park. After lunch, we went on a walk through the garden and park.

I would have loved to do dinner here but they were fully booked by the time I went to make a reservation. However, I loved visiting during the day and can’t wait to go back next time for dinner.

Amsterdam VLOG with more behind-the-scenes at lunch:

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