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Travel Tip: American Express Card Airport Benefits

Have you ever booked a trip 48 hours before leaving?✈️🫶🏻🇫🇷 My boyfriend last minute asked if I wanted to go to Europe for 2 months... so we booked our flights on Wednesday night & by Friday afternoon we were on our way! Traveling full-time, I've quickly learned that plans can change at any moment.

Travel Tip 👇🏻

Did you know if you have an @americanexpress credit card you can get access to different lounges at airports?! This has been amazing for us. The benefits are different on each card, but I have had a great experience with mine. Reminder to look into the card you have and see what benefits you get. Typically when we fly out of LAX, we use the @delta sky club. There are so many different amenities such as free food, drinks, work areas, wifi, showers, and more!

I can’t wait to share our travels over the next 2 months in Europe! First stop, the 2024 Olympic Venue: Paris, France!

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