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What Traveling From France to the Netherlands Looks Like (with lots of luggage)

Take the train with us from France to The Netherlands 🚊

Story Time:

We almost didn't make our train to Holland even though we planned for extra time, because if you know us, you know we tend to cut it close on travel days. We called an Uber but when he arrived, all of our bags couldn't fit in his car.

I think we looked like we were moving to Europe with how many bags we had!

So he took me while Evan waited for another Uber, but no one came since it was 4 AM...My Uber driver told me that no one is going to pick him up this early & that he would go back to get him after he dropped me off.

If he didn't go back for Evan, we would have missed our train because Evan made it to the train station five minutes before it departed.

With all that being said, I absolutely loved taking a train through Europe. We went from Marseille, France all the way to the Hague in the Netherlands.

What our travel day looked like:

  • 4 Ubers

  • 3 Trains

  • 2 golf bags

  • 2 suitcases

  • 2 backpacks

  • 1 purse

I will say, traveling with so many bags is a lot of work, but so worth it! I honestly think that people thought we were moving to Europe because that's what it looked like. Evan & I love to try different things when we travel so I'm glad we can check the train off our list!

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