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Honest Review on TRS Ibiza Hotel (what I liked & what I didn't)

Evan & I are honestly both super easygoing when it comes to hotels and airbnbs, but the TRS Hotel Ibiza by Pallidium Hotel Group was definitely a splurge. Because of that, these are a few things I wish I knew before booking!

Things We Liked:

  • Clean rooms

  • Beautiful view

  • Located in the more quiet side of Ibiza

  • Close to the beach

Things We Disliked:

  • Room service is not included in the "all-inclusive"

  • Too many rules at the hotel

  • The pool is only open for a few hours in the middle of the day

  • Not very "all-inclusive" in our opinion

We were in Ibiza with a group of 17 people, and I would say half of the group was pretty bummed with the hotel while the other half were okay with it.

This was Evan and I’s first time at an all-inclusive resort. Everyone we talked to before told us how great all-inclusive are & how much we can eat the whole time. However, the food was pretty tricky in our opinion.

The first place we ate at the hotel was a set menu and when we wanted more food they told us that that was all they could serve us and it should have been plenty. We did not go back to this restaurant and to be 100% honest, I don’t know if a smaller group would have made the experience better.

We are big food people and I would say the food was just okay. Because of this, we ended up eating out a few times. We booked this hotel hoping we would eat all our meals here so it was a bit of a disappointment.

Also, room service is not included in the all-inclusive, nor can you order food from the pool area. You have to sit at the “pool bar” and you can’t leave with the food to the actual pool area.

There were also a lot of "hour" rules on when food was open. Breakfast is only open until 11 am and no other food is open until 12:30 pm. At 5 pm they close the only restaurant open in the afternoon and they are super strict just be aware. I tried to get extra salad dressing at 5:01 pm and I couldn’t. They open for dinner at 6:30 pm or 7 pm depending on the place. This didn’t make it feel very all-inclusive. Don’t plan to eat when you get hungry because you need to plan around their schedule.

We try and budget when we travel so for us, we would probably try a different hotel next time! I hope this helps!

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