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How I Felt Before Flying With My Dog

Before I flew for the first time with my French Bulldog, I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect. I wasn't able to find many resources online about traveling with pets. The lack of information & answers made the whole process that much scarier.

I felt anxious, nervous, and scared that I would be turned away. I also didn’t know how Hudson would do with traveling! I know my videos might make it look like it's always been easy for me, but I want you to know it's normal to have different feelings before traveling with your dog. Before deciding to fly, I consulted with my vet & he made me feel a lot more confident about flying with Hudson.

Honestly, it is so much fun to travel with your dog! My goal is to make your next trip with your dog easy, stress-free, and fun. That's why I love sharing dog-friendly tips on my page.

P.S. Hudson has always traveled with me as an in-cabin pet, not an ESA.

How Hudson ended up sitting on my lap the first time we flew together! ⬇️

The first time I flew with Hudson, the flight attendants were so in love with him and let him sit on my lap. It was my first time flying with a dog, so I didn’t know any different. However, those were the only flights that Hudson was able to sit on my lap. Now after traveling with Hudson a lot, I make sure to put him in the carrier under the seat in front of me.

If you see pictures and videos of Huddy on my lap, that was from my first flight with him! I haven’t shared much about that story and thought it would be fun to share! This was a few years ago, & since then, traveling with in-cabin pet rules have gotten stricter.

Stay tuned for more tips on traveling with your dog!

Check out the full reel below or on my Instagram:


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