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Hudson's Progress

As many of you know Hudson has Kyphosis of the spine which is a “Congenital Spinal and Vertebral Malformations in Dogs.” In the short nine months of Hudson’s life, he has gone through many ups and downs. I have shared a lot of his story and his journey throughout the past few months and a lot of you have been following our journey since day one. Through everything, from being almost paralyzed and dragging his back legs to spinal surgery where the vet told us he may never use his back legs again Hudson never stopped fighting. Today I wanted to share with you what our life is now like and what his new x-rays look like versus his old x-rays.

Hudson has learned to use his back legs again and is almost able to walk completely normal again. He still walks a little silly sometimes and is weak if he lays for too long but nothing too concerning. We are still doing different exercises and go to physical therapy twice a week. If he gets overly excited and runs he has learned to keep up but he will begin to hop when he starts going to fast. Along with that, his left back leg is still a little weaker than his right. However, it is not very noticeable anymore if you didn’t know and he is gaining more and more strength every day.

(The pictures above show how much Hudson's back has changed from his scar right after surgery to today how his hair has almost completely grown back.)

We just got a new x-ray of his back and sent it to his surgeon in San Diego. He said that Hudson’s back is healing amazingly. Hudson has been able to go back to living a normal life. However, he does have a few restrictions. He is not allowed to jump on or off anything which is something I taught him when he was little so he is pretty good at it. He will just get close to the edge and cry or stare at me until I put him down. I just make sure that anyone who plays with him or is watching him knows how important that is. It is also important that no big dog jumps on his back because of how the pins are in his back.

(The first picture is from before surgery and the last two are now how his back looks)

We also talked to the surgeon and they told us that it is important to wait on neutering him. Due to him going under at such a young age multiple times it is very important that he did not have to go back under. We are waiting till about a year to neuter him because the vet wants him to continue to grow as much as he can but most importantly does not want him to go under again too soon. I want to make sure to do what is in the best interest of Hudson and what keeps him as healthy as can be.

I have noticed in the past few weeks Hudson has started to take normal strides again and is no longer pacing. He is interested in about three or more meals a day which is very big because before he was barely eating one meal a day. He has puppy energy and is always ready to play. He loves to be on the go and always with me. He is truly such an amazing puppy with a story that will be with him for a lifetime. He fought like a Frenchie and is such an amazingly strong little pup.



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