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Must-Have RV Item When Living With A Dog

Creating a safe area for Hudson to play was a huge priority when we moved into the RV! I quickly realized how important it was to have the perfect rug with the small space and slippery floors. When I found @buymymagiccarpet I knew it would be the perfect fit!

Why I love this rug:

  • Non-Slip Rug ➡️ Helps my Frenchie play safely inside

    • Makes playing inside safe with a non-slip stain-resistant rug! Since Hudson had spinal surgery when he was a puppy it's important that he isn’t playing on hardwood floors and slipping!

  • Washable non-slip rug ➡️ Makes cleaning easier

    • In such a small space accidents happen often! Knowing my rug will always clean up easily is so important!

  • Stain-resistant & waterproof lining ➡️ Dirty paws and coffee spills don’t stress me out anymore

    • After renovating the RV I feel like I want to clean all the time. Knowing that this rug can get dirty helps to give me peace of mind when life gets messy.

  • Machine wash & dry ➡️ Makes Laundry days fun

    • Watching how amazing this rug cleans up makes laundry day fun!

My community can use code Hudson20 for 20% off your purchase at My Magic Carpet:


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