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Requirements To Fly With Your Pet In-Cabin

Wondering if your pet is eligible to fly in-cabin with you? See below for more info on requirements & tips that worked for us when we traveled with Hudson!

Requirements ⬇️

✈️ Carrier Must Fit Under The Seat

  • Check your airline & flight for carrier dimension. Carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. You can have a hard or soft carrier. The dimensions for a hard carrier or soft carrier will be different.

✈️ Dog Must Fit Comfortably In Carrier

  • Check that your dog is comfortable in the carrier. That your dog can lay down and turn around. Along with that make sure there is ventilation on the carrier.

✈️ Documentation

  • Check what documentation you might need. Some airlines require documents such as health certificates or rabies vaccination.

Tips ⬇️ ( that worked for us! )

✈️ Pet CBD

  • If your dog gets stressed or anxious on the plane bring pet CBD! Make sure to have your pup try it a few times before flying and make sure to ask your vet!

✈️ Get Your Pup Comfortable In Their Carrier

  • Before you travel make the carrier a happy place. Give them a few treats in it and use it a couple times to get them use to it.

✈️ Before Boarding

  • Before you board your plane put your pup in the carrier with their head out the top. Let them get comfortable inside and lay down on their own!

✈️ If Your Dog Gets Anxious

  • Put your hands through the top of the carrier and lightly lay it on them. This will hopefully help calm them down and help put them to sleep!

Download Mobile Checklist Here
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Stay tuned for more tips for flying with your dog!


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