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Three Easy Steps To Get Your Dog Ready To Fly

I know that flying & prepping for a trip can be overwhelming & stressful. If you're also bringing your sweet pup along for the travels, it doesn't have to be difficult or scary! Check out my tips below for getting your dog ready to fly.

Checklist ⬇️

✈️ Step #1:

Get them confident in their carrier. Practice a lot with your dog and their carrier to help make it a safe spot from them. I will do a post dedicated to getting your dog comfortable in their carrier but I want to share a few tips with you now to help you get started.

  • Give your dog their favorite treat when you put them in their carrier and don't zip it up right away

  • Leave the carrier on the ground and let them go in and out on their own

  • Practice carrying them in their carrier

Before you board the plane put your dog in the carrier this will give them time to lay down on their own and get comfortable. I learned the hard way with this!

✈️ Step #2:

Feed your dog according to your flight. This one is important! If you are planning to feed your dog before their flight give your dog food a few hours before your flight and take them on a walk. Make sure they have enough time before you arrive at the airport to go to the bathroom. Reminder: right before your board your flight take them to a pet relief area. Make sure to research if your airport has a pet relief area before you arrive.

✈️ Step #3:

Get their energy out. Play with them, run them, take them on a walk. Get them ready to sleep! When Hudson has a busy day before our flight he is a lot calmer and ready to sleep on the flight. I have found that early morning flights can be harder because I don't have as much time to get his energy out!

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Our Experience ⬇️

✈️ I always walk Hudson around the airport to get some more energy out. I have always had a great experience when walking him around. Everyone loves saying hi and stopping to pet him. I love when little kids come say hi to him its my favorite!

✈️ I always make sure to feed Hudson a few hours before our flight. You know your dog best! Hudson usually takes a little time after eating to go to the bathroom. I make sure I give him enough time to eat, relax, and then take him on a walk! I don’t feed Hudson right before my flight.

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