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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Boarding The Plane

I want to help make boarding the plane with your dog easy and stress-free! In this post, I share requirements, tips, and our experience with boarding the plane.


✈️ Before Boarding

  • Make sure you zip up your carrier before you board the plane. This will help make boarding quick and easy.

✈️ Where To Put Your Dog

  • Once you board and you're at your seat. Place your dog under the seat in front of you.

✈️ Tips

  • When you place the carrier under the seat turn it so your dog is looking at you. You want them to be comfortable. To help calm them pack Pet CBD and a treat to give them.

✈️ Things To Remember

  • Your dog can not sit on your lap during the flight. Your dog must stay in his/her carrier the whole time. The carrier can't go on the seat next to you, it must stay on the ground in front of you zipped up.

Download Mobile Checklist Here
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✈️ Before I board the plane I let Hudson stick his head out the top of the carrier. He then gets comfortable in the carrier over time and will lay down on his own. Once he lays down I zip it up and then board.

✈️ I bring his favorite treat to give him when I zip up the carrier!


✈️ I did board without Hudson Zipped up and one flight attendant was super easy going and didn't say anything. On another flight, the flight attendant said something right away and checked in on us often during the flight.

✈️ The rules do state that the dog has to be zipped up before boarding. I make sure to zip Hudson up before boarding now. It also makes the whole process a lot easier. It doesn’t draw attention to him which I found is best because you never know if you are going to have a flight attendant that's a dog person or not.

✈️ Zipping Hudson up before flying also makes him more comfortable before we sit down.

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