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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Carry-On Dog Essentials

Below is a checklist to help make packing your dog's carry-on items for your flight easy. Remember, less is more! When you travel with your dog, having a lot of stuff can make the whole process harder.

I try to fit everything in/on his carrier and then if needed I will put a few things in my backpack.

Carry-On Essentials:

  • Pet Carrier

    • Make sure to check with your airline for the correct measurements.

  • Harness & Leash

    • I take Hudson's harness and leash off on the flight and I connect it to the outside of the carrier. This makes it easy to grab when I need to put it back on. I have been traveling with our @pipollipetsupply harness.

  • Treats/Dog Food

    • Packing your dog's favorite treats can help when your dog is in its carrier. It can help distract them. I recommend bringing a little food in case your checked bag doesn’t make it.

  • Collapsible Water Bowl

    • I always travel with a water bowl for Hudson. This one is easy to store and fits perfectly in his carrier's side pouch. You can also clip it onto the outside.

  • Sweater/Blanket

    • Hudson can get cold pretty easily. When we are traveling I pack his favorite little sweater. You can also pack a blanket.

  • Bathing Wipes (For Paws)

    • These will come in handy. After using the pet-relief areas you will want to wipe their paws.

  • Poop Bags

    • I keep his poop bags attached to his leash. They are easy to get to when we get off the plane with his harness & leash.

  • Pet CBD

    • I always pack pet CBD. I love that it helps Hudson so much. I have used it since he was a puppy.

  • Dogs Records (If Airline Requires)

    • Each airline has different requirements. When we flew United they asked for Hudson's rabies vaccine date. When we flew Delta they did not ask for records.

      • Ex: Health Certificate, Rabies

  • Medication (If Needed)

    • Packing your dog's medication in your carry-on bag is important. If your checked bag doesn’t make it, then you will have their medication with you.

Download Mobile Checklist Here
Download • 255KB

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