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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Checking-In With Your Dog

Welcome back to another Travel Tuesday, where I share tips for flying with your dog! Remember to always double-check the below information before your flight. I hope this makes your next trip with your dog easier!

✈️ Check-in

  • Head to the check-in counter when you get to the airport. Arrive early because you can not check in online before your flight when traveling with an in-cabin pet.

👉🏻 When we checked in the lady was super helpful! She loved dogs and loved Hudson. It was an easy process and super fast! The whole time at the airport everyone kept stopping to pet Hudson or ask questions about him!

✈️ Check Documentation

  • This is when they might ask you for the documentation if they require it. Check your airline and destination for requirements before getting to the airport.

✈️ Weight & Carrier Measurements

  • This is also when they can ask for the weight of your dog and the carrier measurements.

👉🏻 I have been getting a lot of questions about weight. When we filled out the form online I did have to put Hudson's weight. However, when we flew United and Delta their main concern was the carrier size, the carrier fitting under the seat in front of me, and Hudson fitting comfortably inside.

✈️ Tickets

  • At check-in, both human and dog tickets will be issued. Ex: On United, they put a yellow tag on Hudson's carrier.

Download Mobile Checklist Here
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