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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Did You Know Snub-Nosed Dogs Can Fly?

Did you know that a lot of airlines do not allow snub-nosed dogs to fly under the plane, but instead will allow them in-cabin? I always recommend that you double-check the in-cabin pet requirements & talk with your vet beforehand to make sure they feel it is safe for your dog to fly!

The official name for a "snub-nose dog" is a brachycephalic dog, which is defined as a short-muzzled dog with a flattened face.

Here is a short list of some brachycephalic breeds:

  • French Bulldog

  • Boston Terrier

  • Boxer

  • English Toy Spaniel

  • English Bulldog

What I Do When Flying With A Snub-Nosed Dog:

  • Talked To My Vet

    • The first time I flew with my French Bulldog I talked to our vet before flying.

  • Pack CBD

    • I make sure to always travel with pet CBD for Hudson. I use liquid pet CBD for him and it helps relax him. He doesn't always need it. There are other great options if you don't feel CBD is a good fit for your dog.

  • Ask For Ice

    • I make sure to ask for ice when I am at my seat. This helps keep Hudson cool if he gets hot. Keeping your dog comfortable and cool is important to help with their breathing.

  • Check-In On My Dog

    • I make sure to always check in on him. I check in on him by putting my hand through the top of the carrier and placing it on his back. I check that he is breathing normally and is comfortable in his carrier. You know your dog!

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