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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Easier Booking & Cheaper Tickets with Delta

Easier booking & cheaper tickets: updates on booking with @delta!

On our last flight with @delta back in January it was $125 each way and the only way to add Hudson to my ticket was by calling and sitting on the phone. Honestly, something I didn’t love...I was on hold for over three hours.

Now booking a dog's ticket on Delta is $95 each way for your dog and you can book it over text. The process was amazing and easy!

Delta’s number to call or text : (800) 221-1212

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✈️ How You Book Your Pet's Ticket

  • Once I booked my ticket online I contacted Delta to add my dog to my ticket. When booking with Delta you can call and talk to a representative or you can text a representative to add your pet to your ticket.

✈️ Text A Representative

  • You can text and chat with a representative at 1-800-221-1212 . Once you text them they will ask you questions about your pet and then connect you with a representative. You will pay for your pet at check-in. You can save your conversation as your receipt.

✈️ Call A Representative

  • You can call Delta and wait to be connected with a representative. You can call this number 800-221-1212.

✈️ Price

  • Delta just updated their ticket prices from $125 to $95 each way for your pets ticket. You will pay the $95 at the airport for your pet.

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