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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: FAQ #2

Let’s make traveling with your dog easy! Below is another round of FAQ's I've gotten about flying with a dog as well as a downloadable checklist.


✈️ What Do You Do When Your Dog Is Anxious?

  • I pack CBD to help calm Hudson if he ever gets anxious when we are flying. I make sure it is in the side of his carrier to make it easy to access.

✈️ Do You Need A Ticket For Your Dog?

  • You will add your dog to your ticket online or on the phone depending on the airline. When you get to the check-in counter they will give you a ticket for your dog's bag. I paid $125 each way for Hudson's ticket.

✈️ Does Hudson Have Breathing Problems When You Fly?

  • Hudson has not had any issues breathing when we are flying. I check on him often to make sure he is comfortable and not overheating. It is important to keep him calm.

✈️ What Made You Confident To Fly With Your Dog?

  • I asked my vet before flying with Hudson and that made me super confident to travel with him. I hope to make you more confident to fly with your dog by sharing our tips.

Download Mobile Checklist Here
Download • 344KB

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