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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Going Through Security

Welcome back to another Travel Tuesday where I share tips related to traveling with your dog! Make sure to save this post or download the mobile checklist so you have all the info you need before your next trip!


✈️ Hold Your Dog

  • Once you have everything organized to go through security you will take your dog out of the carrier. You must carry your dog through security.

✈️ Belongs Go On Security Belt

  • You will put the carrier through the x-ray machine with your belongings. You will hold your dog and walk through security with him/her.

✈️ Wipe Your Hands

  • Once you walk through they will wipe your hands down. They will quickly check it. Then you are all set.

✈️ Travel Light

  • Going through security can be super easy. Make sure you travel light. It makes the whole process a lot easier when you don't have a lot of extra things.


✈️ Bring A Carry On

  • I love having a rolling suitcase when traveling with Hudson. It makes carrying Hudson so much easier. I set his carrier on top of the suitcase and roll him through the airport.

✈️ Travel Light

  • I made the mistake of not traveling light and it made the whole process more complicated. I felt like I was always trying to readjust.

Our Experience:

✈️ I held Hudson going through security and everyone was so excited to say hi to him. They were helpful and so nice to us.

✈️ Once we walked through security they wiped our hands and checked it quickly and then we were all set to go.

✈️ It was such an amazing experience and I am so thankful everyone was so nice.

Download Mobile Checklist Here
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Be sure to check back for more travel tips every Tuesday! You can follow me on Instagram @heybaileydrew :)


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