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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Priority Check-In Information

Dog Mom PSA: Special check-in information below ⬇️

When you fly out of LAX with @delta, you can check in at Sky Priority with Agent Assist!! This makes traveling with your dog easier when flying out of @flylaxairport.

✈️ When you get to the airport, ask if there is a special check-in when traveling with in-cabin pets before you get in line! This will make your next trip so much easier!

✈️ At LAX, checking in at Sky Priority can save a lot of time! When we got to @delta for our trip to Nashville, the normal line was extremely long and there were only two people in line at Sky Priority!

✈️ You do not have to be flying priority to check in here, this is where you check in when flying with carry-on pets!

Our experience ⬇️

At check-in, they started with Hudson’s ticket. I already booked him on my ticket before our trip. A reminder that you can not pre-check-in when traveling with a dog. Once they pulled up my name, they were able to check him in. They looked at him in his carrier and then got his tag for his carrier ready! His check-in was so quick and easy.

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