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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: Travel Q&A #1

In this post, I'll be answering the most frequently asked questions from my community in regard to flying with your dog.

Each of my individual travel reels covers a specific topic, so make sure to check out my Instagram, Pinterest, or other blog posts for so many other tips for flying with your dog. Here are some of the most common questions we've been asked thus far:


✈️ What's The Weight Limit?

  • The airlines we have traveled with are focused on the size of your pet's carrier. Check with your airline for the correct carrier size. Your pet must fit comfortably inside. Some airlines allow different carrier sizes depending on the plane and where you are sitting.

✈️ How Much Does Hudson Weigh?

  • Hudson is 20 pounds. He fits in the carrier with extra room.

✈️ Do You Like Your Carrier?

  • The expandable carrier I use right now with Hudson is my favorite carrier. I love that Hudson fits comfortably inside and that I can expand it to give him extra room. I linked the brand of the carrier here! You can use code HUDSON at checkout for a discount. Along with that I have attached a reel here with more information on the carrier.

✈️ Does Your Dog Have To Be Zipped Up?

  • The rules on the airline state that the carrier must remain zipped and under the seat in front of you during the flight.

Download Mobil Check List
Download PDF • 65KB

Our Experience:

✈️ Weight Limit

  • Make sure to do research on the airline you will be traveling with. There are different carrier size requirements depending on your seat and plane.

✈️ Carrier

  • The carrier I used fits the dimensions for most aircraft types on Delta and United.

✈️ In-Cabin Carrier Rules

  • I have been on flights were the flight attendant is strict on the carrier being zipped and under the seat in front of me. Then I have had flights were they are super easy going! The guidelines state that they have to be in their carrier with the bag zipped. I always plan on keeping Hudson zipped up.

DM me if you have any other specific questions about traveling with your dog! You can check out the FAQ #1 video below or on my Instagram below:


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