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Tips For Flying With Your Dog: What To Do If Your Dog Gets Hot

Welcome back to another Travel Tuesday! Summer travel is in full swing! Are you looking to fly with your dog but worried about if he/she will get too hot on the flight?

My French Bulldog, Hudson, is very sensitive to temperature. Because of this, when we fly, it is important for me to always pay close attention to his body temperature. Here are a few things we have learned through our experiences.


  • Take Out Bedding

    • If your dog gets hot easily take out the bedding from the carrier. This will help them stay cool

  • Ask For Ice

    • If your dog starts to show signs of getting hot, ask for ice. Put the ice in your hand and offer it to them to lick. Then put the ice on their ears and on their body. This will hopefully help calm them and help them cool off

  • Open Air Vents

    • Make sure the air vents on the plane are open and pointing towards the ground. This will help keep the area cool

  • Take Off Extra Layers

    • Take off any extra layers your dog might be wearing. Clothes, harnesses, etc.

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Our Experience:

  • On our final flight after a long travel day, we got on a flight that was hotter than normal & I could tell Hudson was getting too hot. I took out the bottom of the carrier so he could lie down without the extra heat. I asked a flight attendant for ice & held it on him until he cooled off. I also pointed the air toward him and made sure both vents were open. Once he was cool he laid down and fell asleep.

  • Because Hudson can get overheated easily, it is super important that I pay attention to his body language. I make sure to check on him often and to make sure that he is comfortable. Ice on his ears and body helped quickly and was such a great thing to do for him.

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