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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog: Five Myths About Flying With Your Pet

After sharing a lot about traveling, @olivethetravelier and I noticed a lot of myths floating around. We wanted to help make traveling with your dog easier by addressing & explaining these myths!

✈️ Myth #1: All airlines are the same

  • Each airline has different rules when flying with your pet.

  • Things to pay attention to are weight/size restrictions, documentation requirements ( rabies, health certificate, etc ), carrier size, pet-fee, etc.

✈️ Myth #2: All airports have pet relief areas

  • Not all airports have designated pet relief areas so it is important to plan accordingly.

  • Some are rock piles, patches of grass, dirt, and some only have areas outside of the airport.

  • Check out for more info.

✈️ Myth #3: Snub nose dogs can't fly

  • A lot of people believe snub nose dogs can't fly. However, this is not true.

  • We recommend asking your vet before flying with your dog if you have any concerns.

✈️ Myth #4: CBD is the only way to relieve anxiety

  • CBD is a great way to help calm your pet. It is important to start using CBD before you fly to make sure it works well for your pet.

  • There are also doggy downers, weighted vests, exercise, and homeopathic remedies in addition to CBD.

✈️ Myth #5: ESA and service dogs are the same

  • In 2020, airlines changed the rules to no longer let ESA animals fly. Because of this, it is important to know the difference between ESA and service dogs!

    • ESA = An emotional support animal serves as more of a companion for the owner.

      • any pet can be considered an emotional support animal if deemed beneficial to the owner by a mental health professional or doctor

    • Service Dogs = A service dog is specially trained to perform a function or job for an owner that has a physical, intellectual, or emotional disability.

      • only specifically-trained dogs can be service dogs. A service dog agency will help to find one to best meet that person's needs

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