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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog: Pet-Relief Area

Below is more information & tips about pet-relief areas when traveling with your pup. In addition, I share more about our experience and what to bring!


✈️ Give yourself enough time to walk them before going into the airport.

✈️ When you go to the pet relief areas, make sure you have enough time to get them used to the area. Walk them in the area a couple of times. They might not always go right away.

✈️ If you have to go back through security with your pet to take them outside, make sure you have enough time.

Our Experience:

✈️ We went to the indoor pet-relief area at the Denver airport and it was not the best area. It smelled and Hudson was not a fan.

✈️ After trying the indoor pet relief area, we found an outdoor pet-relief area and Hudson was way more comfortable. The outdoor area was more welcoming, didn’t smell, and had a great view.

✈️ Hudson did not want to go at first. After walking him, he then felt comfortable to go. I took him right after our flight and right before our next flight.

✈️ At one of the airports we went to, there was not a pet relief area once you passed security. This is when it's important to take them to the bathroom before security.

Things To Bring For Pet-Relief Area:

✈️ Bring poop bags

  • You never know if the pet relief area will have them or not!

✈️ Bring wipes

  • Bring pet-friendly wipes to wipe your pets paws. After walking in this area they will have dirty paws.

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