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Top Fall Traditions With Your Dog

It’s our first fall together and I couldn’t be more excited to share what we have done to make this fall extra special. I love the holidays and I love spending time with my puppy. We have been getting out and about and exploring all the fun fall activities! I got asked to write a blog for Dog Mom Love and I am so excited to share it with you!

Seven days of Halloween

Seven Days of Halloween is something that I love and it is so much fun. For months I have been planning what Hudson was going to be for Halloween the seven days leading up to it. We then went around and took unique pictures to show off his different outfits. Hudson loves to model so he has so much fun doing it! It was a lot of fun to make a few of his costumes and for him to be able to wear them! Our first Halloween was a total success.

Walks and Hikes

The weather has started to cool off which means a lot more walks and hikes! We try and find fun places to see the leaves changing and find piles of leaves but living in Southern California that’s not as normal as you would think! Hudson loves going on hikes but also loves riding in his backpack!

Movie Marathon

On the weekends Hudson and I have been picking one day to binge watch Halloween movies. We make some fun Halloween food and goodies and then we snuggle up in bed! One of our favorites so far is Hocus Pocus. Hudson is such a funny puppy he loves watching tv he gets so into it.

Decorating the house

I Have Hudson help me decorate the house by giving him his Halloween toys and putting out halloween treats. He follows me everywhere I go and watches as I put up the decorations. He also loves to play with the pumpkins and bark at the skeletons which is super funny.

Dinner and Trick or treating

On Halloween, we head back to my family's community and we all make dinner. We had Thanksgiving dinner for Halloween we even made puppy treats. We then go trick or treating around the neighborhood. Of course, Hudson comes and he is dressed up and ready for action. Hudson can show off his costume and make tons of friends! He was so happy to be out with all the kids he would run up and give the kids kisses. Hudson was lucky enough to even be carried well we walked around.

Our first Halloween together was a lot of fun together. We started new traditions and did a lot of new activities. I can't wait for the next holidays and to start new traditions.



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