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What To Look For Before Booking Your Next Dog-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with your dog takes a little extra planning...but being prepared makes the whole process a lot easier! I put together a list of things you should check before bringing your dog with on your next trip.

What to look for before booking a stay at a dog-friendly hotel:

  • Is there a weight restriction?

  • Is there a breed restriction?

  • Is there an additional pet fee?

  • What pet amenities does the hotel offer?

  • How many pets are allowed per room?

  • Can you leave your pet unattended in the room?

  • Does the hotel encourage you to bring your pet by giving you pet recommendations?

  • Can you bring your pet to the lobby and public areas in the hotel?

  • Make sure you read the pet policies before booking a pet-friendly hotel

Download Mobile Checklist Here
Download • 264KB

Check out my reel below, where I got the chance to stay at the Harpeth Hotel, a dog-friendly hotel in Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin is a very dog-friendly town with a lot of great places to eat and shop. They also have great dog-friendly restaurants in downtown Franklin! It is a great spot to stay with your pup and explore the town! If you ever have a chance to come to Tennessee I would recommend staying in Franklin!

You can watch the full reel here or on my Instagram:


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