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Where To Start: Tips For Flying With Your Dog

Flying with your dog can bring up a lot of emotions, uncertainty, & be overwhelming for you and your pet. Below I share different tips for traveling with your dog in the United States, as well as my personal experience to hopefully help make your next trip easier!

Checklist ✈️

  1. Choose Your Airline: Find a pet-friendly airline to travel with to your destination.

  2. Read Your Airlines Guidelines: After finding a pet-friendly airline, research their guidelines. Each airline has different guidelines.

  3. Weight Requirement & Carrier Size: Look for the airlines' carrier size and see if your airline has a weight restriction. Some airlines are only focused on the size of the carrier, while others have a weight restriction.

  4. Documentation: Check what documentation your airline requires. Some airlines require documentation (ie: health certificate, rabies, etc.), while others do not.

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Tips ✈️

  • Delta is my favorite airline to travel with when flying with Hudson. There are a lot of other great airlines. This is the one I travel with most often.

  • Always check your airline's guidelines. Some airlines have more rules than others.

  • Some airlines have weight and carrier requirements. Others only have carrier requirements. I usually travel with Delta and United because they are not focused on the weight of your dog. They are focused on the size of the carrier and your dog fitting comfortably inside.

  • Book your dogs ticket before your trip because Most airlines have a limit on how many pets can be on each flight!

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