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Moving back to Santa Barbara has been an adjustment for both Hudson and I. Hudson has only ever lived with my cat and my mom’s dogs who have always been bigger than him. Moving back in with my roommate’s dog I knew was going to be an adjustment for Hudson for sure. However, he was super connected to my roommate (Cassidy) and when we went on summer break she got a puppy. Her puppy only weighs two pounds and Hudson is fifteen pounds so its a big difference for Hudson to learn his size. Hudson is the sweetest puppy and always wants to give love to everyone. He runs up to every dog or person and just gives them kisses. He always wants to be right next to someone and loves attention. Every morning when Hudson and I wake up he goes and lays outside Cassidy’s door and waits for her to wake up. He will sit there and cry until she comes out. Once she opens her door he runs up to her and gives her so many kisses. Then him and Kinsley ( Cassidy’s puppy ) are off to play.

Whenever I leave, Cassidy walks out with Hudson and Kinsley. Hudson runs to the gates and sits there and watches me leave. It is so cute but makes me never want to go anywhere!

This week we stayed super busy to make sure Hudson was always tired at the end of the day. We played with Hudson’s brothers which turned out to be really fun and just went out and about. He is super easy to travel with and he loves being out.

The first couple days were a little nerve-racking with Hudson and Kinsley because he did not understand his size and was very protective over his things. We were not sure how they would bond or if they would have a connection. He never would bite her but he would not share with her. She also isn’t always the biggest fan of sharing. After a couple days of sitting and playing with both of them together, they have become best friends. They both now want to always share their bones and toys. The only thing we are not doing together is feeding them. Hudson was hand fed for a long time before and after surgery making him more protective over his food. He doesn’t bit or hurt Kinsley but he does make it clear he is not okay with sharing food. He is only eight months old so I know he is still learning and that consistency will pay off. We are slowly working every day with him to help him get to a place where he can share his food. He is comfortable with any person or kid playing with his food, feeding him or anything like that.

Hudson wanted to play with my cat a lot when we moved back and she was just not sure about it. She kept her distance and made sure to always be on high up areas. However, after just two days they have beconme best friends. She comes and lays on top of Hudson and cleans him. They are always playing together. I think it is so interesting how much of a connection animals can make. I always make sure that both Hudson and Abby (my kitty) feel equal which is very important for their bonding. This week Hudson also got to meet his other brother. We are best friends with Sir, one of Hudson’s brother but we had never been in connection with any of the other brothers. One of his brothers Loki found us on Instagram. We got them together and it was very fun to watch them interact and play


This week has been a big adjustment for Hudson and I. We start training next week with his brother Sir and I am so excited to share what he learns. We are also starting to work on a few fun projects that we can’t wait to share! We are so lucky to be on such an amazing jounrey and to have all of you along with us.



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