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Balancing Life with a Puppy

Trying to balance a puppy, work, and life isn't always easy but once I got into a routine it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Over summer Hudson and I were together all the time. We went everywhere together and during his recovery, we spent a lot of time together which we loved obviously. However, when I got a new job and life started up again I thought I was never going to have enough time in the day but I figured it out quickly. The biggest tip is to always plan. Such as how long he will be alone, meals, park time, play time, and even relaxing time.

Hudson is my baby and I spend a lot of time with him. Honestly, I think many people think I'm crazy but it makes me so happy and that's all that matters. However, finding the perfect balance took a little getting used to. Hudson and I wake up every day at 6:30 am because he is ready to play if it was my choice we would be up at 7:30 am but hey that’s okay. My normal work days don't start until around 9:45 am which gives us some fun morning time together. We usually play out in our yard or go on a walk. Then we do breakfast and he hangs out with me while I get ready. I always try and get Hudson's energy out so when it’s time for my day to start he is ready to nap.

The dream would be to work from home with Hudson or even be able to take him to work. Eventually, my goal is to able to take him to work, but right now that’s just not my reality. Being twenty I am just starting off my career. I am a teacher at a preschool five days a week. My schedule is a set up amazing though. Three days of the week are short days and two are long. Luckily my roommate and I are on different schedules so Hudson is rarely left alone. The two days I have longer hours my roommate is usually with him. However, sometimes he stays by himself for a few hours. When he is alone I set up a gate in my kitchen which is pretty big. I put his crate, bed, toys, food, and water in the area and I let him play. I also set up a nest cam which seems crazy but it helps me feel confident when he is alone. Hudson is with someone 90% of the time. Being alone allows him to be independent and feel confident without someone. It’s interesting to me because Hudson is attached to my hip and loves my roommate, I thought he would have anxiety when we left but he is so happy. He naps almost the whole time we are gone which is amazing.

Along with that I babysit the most amazing kids who truly are my favorite family in the world. I babysit usually twice a week but Hudson comes. He loves the kids and the kids have the best time ever with him. We usually take him on walks or he plays with their dog when we get back to the house. It's pretty easy because Hudson entertains himself and he is so tired by the time we leave their house. The kids are always giving him so much attention. Being around kids since he was a baby has helped him with socialization. He is amazing with kids and is always wanting to give kisses which makes me so happy.

After work almost every day I take him to the park, on a walk, to the beach, or to hang out with his brother Sir. This keeps me busy after work and helps get his energy out. Hudson goes everywhere with me, I try and go to a dog-friendly restaurant or cook dinner. Of course, I go out without him but I try and take him everywhere I can. I always make sure he is getting everything he needs and is busy busy busy. Hudson loves his naps also he is the napping king which gives me time to relax. By the time we get to the weekend we are both usually so tired but we are usually on the go. We go back to my parents house almost every weekend where Hudson is able to play with my moms two French Bulldogs or we are out and about doing something fun.

I love being able to share our life with you. Having a puppy is tons of fun and really is the best thing ever. I can’t wait to share more topics and more stories with you. Thank you for always following along on our crazy journey.



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