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Dog Mom Trick: Amazon Paw Pads

These paw pads I got on Amazon have been such an amazing trick to keep Hudson’s paws protected and help him walk on hardwood floors! I love how easy they are to put on and take off. If your pup has back issues these are great. They have been game-changing for Hudson.

🐾 Keeps Hudson's paws protected from the heat

🐾 Helps him walk on our hardwood floors or any slippery floors

🐾 Hudson wears a size medium

🐾 They have different sizes ( S-XXXL )

🐾 Easy to apply to paws and take off - I have put them on normally and I have also cut the paw pads to stick each part individually to his paws

I make sure to give Hudson's paws time to breathe & only put them on them when he needs them. For Hudson, they do last a full day for Hudson and could last longer but I always give his paws a break at night if he had them on for a full day.

These paw-pads are a top seller & linked on my Amazon Storefront here

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @heybaileydrew for more dog mom tricks!


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