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The Way It Was

Hudson and I finally started to go back to our normal crazy life. We started to pack up all our fun stuff to move back up to Santa Barbara. We have been going on fun lunch dates, to the park, and just doing our daily activities together that I missed so much. He runs to the door every time I get close to it ready for our next adventure. I have a mix of emotions as we get ready to move back up to Santa Barbara. Even though it's only an hour drive I am still sad to be leaving. My parents have two French Bulldogs and Hudson’s best friends with both of them. Along with that he is attached to my parents. I also love being home with my family, I am a big family girl. Thankfully we will be able to go back and forth a lot. Abigail (Abby) my kitten will be moving back with us and Hudson is best friends with her so he will be happy as can be. My roommate also has a puppy which we are excited for them to get to know each other more. Our house is just full of life and so much fun! We have a lot of fun adventures planned once we move up there!

Once we move up it will be a big adjustment for us both. I will be going back to work for a little each day which will hopefully create a little more independence for Hudson. My roommate will be with him well I’m at work and then I'll be home well she is at school. We are such dog moms switching off and making sure our schedules work.

I wake up every morning thinking how lucky I am to have Hudson and Abby in my life. Always having them as my buddies help's the transition to move so much easier. Hudson is a crazy puppy again that has enough energy to wear me out. Every day he has more and more energy it’s really exciting. I talk about how happy I am with his improvement every second of every day because I am just so excited. We have started to go out more and make friends which helps us stay busy so he is able to sleep at night.

This week we went to the dog park for the first time since his surgery. Hudson was so happy and it went amazing. He loved playing with the other dogs but was very observant. I think he was a little confused why there were so many other French Bulldogs around him. He would follow his little friend's around but then would lay back and watch everyone play. It was so cute! This week we also went to a concert in the park and we had such a good time. He laid on the blanket and played with some of the other dogs around us. We went swimming a lot to work on his muscles and its crazy how much swimming helps him. I make sure to try to get him swimming every day and to water therapy once or twice a week. I have noticed a big change in his attitude since we started getting out. He has become a lot more alive and happy in new ways.

One thing I have found as he has started to heal more is that he is extremely attached to me. Before surgery, he was attached to me but now it is even more. He always has to be right next to me and if I leave only for a minute he get's so excited when I come back. Its super cute but I am also working on making sure he is comfortable when I do have to leave him for short periods of time. I never leave him too long but I want to make sure he doesn’t get anxiety when I do have to leave.

Even Though, I was nervous and afraid to start blogging I am so happy I took the first step to start. I couldn’t be more proud of this journey I am on. I look forward each week to writing my blog and sharing it with each and every one of you. I look back at the first blog I wrote and think of how I cried writing it not knowing what the future was going to bring. I now look back and think of how amazing it is I can remember the journey in such detail and look at the amazing progress we have made. At the beginning of this blog, I wasn’t sure if Hudson would be strong enough to move back up with me to Santa Barbara right away and I remember being so scared. As I sit with him today with our bags packed I think of how lucky we are to be on this journey together and ready for our next adventure.



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